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At, we specialize in closeouts, overstocks, and end of life products for toys, electronic games, health and beauty items, and more. Often, a product reaches its “best before” date from the point of view of the vendor, and when that happens, that vendor decides to stop selling the product, or perhaps stop offering tech support. This doesn’t mean that the product is no good – just that there is something else being developed that will take its place.

Often, the time frame following the last delivery of the product from the vendor, and the time it ceases to be useful to the customer, can be longer than you might expect. Think, for example, of toys that fast food chains distribute as promotional items – they have a very short shelf life. On the other hand, a car can be good for ten years or more following the end date. A mobile phone or a computer can be fully functional and useful for several years.

So, where do old brands go to die? Depending on product support, they may end up in dollar stores or discount shops. End of life shouldn’t be confused with service life. Service life simply means that there will no longer be troubleshooting, maintenance, or other forms of support. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get years of service out of something that is approaching, or has reached, end of life. Many companies offer end of life products and turn a good profit doing so.

At, we purchase from a variety of sources that offer products that still have a lot of life left in them, and we pass them on to you, to pass on to your customers. Retailers and wholesalers can benefit from our wide range of products that can still offer years of service.


Wholesale Distribution Services

Bravo Trading LLC is a respected wholesale distributor of top national brands, comprising toys, electronics, games, closeout products, overstock, and end of life products in a variety of categories. We are based in California, and serve large retailers and independent resellers nationally.

Toys and Games

Every year around Christmas time, new toys and games come on the market. They’re often very expensive, and for a time, the demand may exceed the supply. Next year, other toys and games take their place.


Computer electronics, GPS, smartphones and smartphone accessories and other electronics are upgraded at lightning speed. What was state-of-the-art yesterday can lose its luster practically overnight.

Overstock, Closeout and End of Life Products

The nature of the retail business is that old products will inevitably give way to new products. Sometimes it’s a
difference in the product itself. Other times, it’s simply different packaging.

Manufacturer Represenative

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